How to store patio cushions: Tips for year-round protection

Patio cushions can be a great addition to any outdoor space. They provide comfort and style. To ensure that they stay in great condition all year round, they require proper storage and care. Knowing how to store your patio cushions will protect your investment, whether you are facing a seasonal change, a sudden downpour, or long periods of inactivity. Here are some tips that will help you maintain the functionality and beauty of your outdoor cushions.

1. Cleaning and drying thoroughly:

Be sure that your cushions are completely dry and clean before storing them. You can remove dirt, dust and debris using a handheld bristle or by shaking the cushions. Unzip the removable covers of cushions and wash according to care instructions. Both the covers and cushions should be allowed to completely dry to avoid mold and mildew during storage.

2. Use cushion storage bags or boxes:

Invest in storage boxes or bags designed for outdoor cushions. These containers protect against dust, moisture and pests. Before placing cushions in the containers, make sure they are dry and clean.

3. Keep them in a cool, dry location:

Keep your cushions cool and dry in a garage or basement. Avoid damp or humid areas as moisture will damage your cushions over time. Consider using a waterproof storage box for your cushions if you do not have an indoor space.

4. Elevate off the Floor

Avoid placing your cushions directly on the floor by placing them on pallets, shelves or any other raised surface in your storage area. This will help to avoid moisture absorption as well as potential pest damage.

5. Avoid prolonged sun exposure:

Protect your cushions from sun exposure if you store them outdoors. You can use a cushion cover or shade them with an umbrella. Over time, UV rays will cause fabric to fade and degrade.

6. Use Moisture-Absorbing Packets:

Consider placing moisture-absorbing packets like silica or desiccants in the containers to prevent further moisture issues. These packets maintain a dry atmosphere and prevent mildew.

7. Stack or store vertically:

Stack your cushions neatly if you have the space or store them vertically if not. This will reduce the chances of them getting creased and keep their shape while being stored. Consider using dividers for larger cushions to keep them separate.

8. Store away from harsh chemicals:

Avoid exposing your patio cushions to chemicals, pesticides or cleaning agents which may emit fumes and odors. These substances may cause damage to the cushions.

9. Check Periodically

Check your cushions periodically, even when they are stored, for signs of damage, moisture or pests. Take immediate action to avoid irreversible damage.

10. Use Furniture Covers to Protect Your Furniture:

Consider using furniture covers for both your cushions and patio furniture to protect them from the weather.

Storing your patio cushions properly will ensure that they remain comfortable and attractive for many more seasons. You can still enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about damaged or weathered cushion.

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