What to include in a kitchen renovation project? Find here!

Whether you are moving into a new house or want to redo the kitchen to add more functionalities, there are multiple elements to consider. Depending on your budget, you can choose to replace everything or a few things, but your priorities should be clear before you engage a contractor. If you are in Hallandale, consider checking designs from Borgani Kitchens for custom solutions. In this post, we have a few pointers on what to include in a kitchen renovation project.

  • New cabinetry: Extra space is always valuable in a kitchen. The more cabinets and drawers you have, the better would be the organization of space. Limited clutter also gives you the mental peace of working in the kitchen without having to worry about storing things. When it comes to cabinets, choose to add drawers and include both big and small compartments to accommodate everything.
  • New flooring: Granite, marble, ceramic tiles – There are endless flooring options that you can evaluate for pros and cons. The flooring work can take considerable time, and it is best to ask the contractor for an estimated deadline. Ask for samples and review the costing to finalize the material.
  • New countertops: Right from natural stones like granite and marble to quartz and tiles, there are several ways to reimagine the countertops in your kitchen. Ensure that you don’t choose a soft material which cannot withstand heat or is prone to breakage or damage.
  • New backsplashes: The backsplash of a kitchen is often responsible for adding an aesthetic dimension to the interiors, and you need to choose a material that is not susceptible to moisture. Check the installation and maintenance requirements, too.
  • New hardware: When you have a limited budget or don’t wish to change everything, replacing the hardware of your cabinets and adding new faucets can be great for changing the overall feel of the kitchen. Go for solid, durable hardware not prone to rust and other damages.
  • New lighting fixtures: Kitchen lighting should be a mix of ambient, task, and functional fixtures. Find ways to add more attention to the cabinets, but also look for specific lighting solutions for cooking and related work. You can also include cabinetry designs that incorporate light fittings.

Talk to a contractor immediately and discuss your immediate goals and aesthetic needs. They can guide you on how to do more with your money and achieve the kitchen of your dreams.